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Indonesia Specialty Coffee

Indonesia specialty coffee one of the most expensive coffee in the world today, The answer is Kopi Luwak, and we should be proud because we came from Indonesia. So it is not surprising if Indonesian Coffee is among the most calculated position in the eyes of the world. Even more so at this time, Indonesia became the third largest coffee exporting country in the world.

In addition to the exotic civet coffee derived from animal intestinal fermentation, Indonesia coffee also has a variety of distinctive coffee that is spread in several regions in Indonesia. These coffees later became known as Indonesia Specialty Coffee, which are indeed identical named based on their regional origin with specific micro-climatic conditions (rainfall, exposure to sunlight, and so on).

The question is, why can the price of Luwak coffee be that expensive? It turns out that the answer lies in the process which is both unique and very natural, namely through the intestines of ferrets or in familiar Indonesian language called mongoose. Coffee beans are released into the form of feces, then cleaned and processed into coffee powder that is ready to be enjoyed.

So what’s special? Apparently, Luwak is known to be very selective in choosing the highest quality coffee fruit. Coffee cherries that are still in the form of cherries, are among the favorite foods of animals that have this cute appearance. Well, as an animal, Luwak turns out to have a very strong instinct when choosing coffee fruit to be eaten. When the coffee farmer chooses the best coffee fruit to be given to the mongoose, by this animal then instinctively, he eats some coffee that is really the most delicious.

Usually, Luwak only consumes about 10% – 30% of the coffee provided, and through its extraordinary natural instincts, Luwak coffee is created which has guaranteed quality and is definitely the most delicious and the best.

After the indonesia specialty coffee is eaten by this mammal, it is through its feces that the indonesia specialty coffee beans are separated and then processed into high-value coffee. So do not be surprised, if Luwak coffee has a very good taste and is recognized by the world, so it has a very high value to be sold in the market.

Interestingly, because Luwak indonesia specialty coffee is processed through a natural process through animals or without a machine, the consequence is that the number becomes very limited. That is one of the factors that makes this Kopi Luwak very special, and is often sought after by coffee lovers around the world, even though they have to pay dearly to enjoy the typical indonesia specialty coffee.

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Each – each indonesia specialty coffee has a distinctive taste that is different and unique to each other. Some of the coffee in question include Sumatran Coffee consisting of Aceh Gayo Coffee, Aceh Ulee Kareeng, Solong Coffee, Mandheling Coffee, Lintong Coffee, Sidikalang Coffee, Kerinci Padang Coffee, Bengkulu Coffee, Lampung Robusta Coffee and so on. Then there are also coffee from several other areas such as Java Preanger Coffee, Toraja Coffee, Bali Kintamani Coffee, Flores Bajawa Coffee, Papua Wamena Coffee, and Papua Moanemani Coffee.

Overall, this coffee has enthusiasts and fans – each spread throughout Indonesia and internationally. Some of these indonesia specialty coffees have their own distinctive taste, such as Kintamani Coffee which is famous for having a soft and sweet taste, or Wamena Coffee which is classified as still traditional in its processing, so it has its own attraction for coffee connoisseurs.

For those of you who want a strong taste of indonesia specialty coffee, coffee from Sumatra such as Mandheling, Aceh Gayo and Lampung can be your choice. Then there is also coffee with herbal nuance, nut and fruit aroma like Sidikalang, Lintong, Java, Bali Kintaman and Flores.

In order to enjoy coffee with authentic Indonesian Specialty Coffee quality, you must make sure that the indonesia specialty coffee you enjoy is 100% pure coffee, without any mixture of ingredients.

This commitment has been maintained by Indonesia as the 4th largest indonesia specialty coffee producer in world, which specifically produces 100% pure Indonesian Specialty Coffee without mixing coffee or adding other ingredients.

So, you don’t need to bother looking for various choices of Nusantara Coffee with 100% quality of Indonesia Specialty Coffee, contact us and you can directly choose various Indonesian Specialty Coffee from several regions in Indonesia practically through your digital device.

The Best Single Origin Coffee Type in Indonesia

1. Sumatra Single Origin Sumatra indonesia specialty Coffee is one of many Original Origin, organic indonesia specialty coffees that are well known for their source and presentation. Single Origin coffee from Sumatra is famous for its different flavor characteristics which are influenced by unique volcanic terroirs and processing methods. While the most famous and most expensive coffee in the world comes from Sumatra, Luwak coffee through the Weasel digestive track, there are many other superior Sumatran coffees that have more value to be enjoyed. Certain varieties that we offer come from Takengon which is on the beautiful northern plateau. Get to know this exotic coffee, from harvest to cup, in our profile in Sumatra.

2. Java Single Origin Java Single Origin Arabica will open well when brewed using the stove, French press or Chemex method. A cup of indonesia specialty coffee prepared one of these ways provides a fresher taste and brighter aroma while keeping more caffeine in your drink. Tipika and Katimora seeds that grow at an altitude of 1400-1600 meters are processed wet. Here are the details of Java Singe Origin:

Growth Height: 750 – 1,550 meters above sea level Arabica Varieties: Typica Harvest Period: May / June-August / September Milling Process: Washed, sun dried Aroma: Nutty Taste: Nutty, malty, chocolate, bright, sweet Body: Effervescent Acidity: Bright The island of Java in Indonesia is not only a productive exporter of agriculture, it is also a beautiful destination for tourists with beautiful views and a warm and friendly culture.

3. Bali Single Origin Unlike most other places in Indonesia, such as Java and Sumatra, indonesia specialty coffee cultivation in Bali was not established by the Dutch. In exchange, we can thank traders from Lombok for coffee grown in Bali today, because it was they who brought the first coffee plants to Bali in the early 20th century.

The rich volcanic soil and climate in the Kintamani region quickly proved ideal for coffee cultivation and small-scale production to quickly spread. The variant that Lombok traders bring to Bali is Robusta coffee, a type of coffee that is very resistant to disease and contains high levels of caffeine. Wet processed Bali coffee is much brighter and has tons of tonnes than other coffees from this region; difficult to compare. Bali Single Origin certainly has a fruit flavor found in Javanese, Timorese, and Flores coffees, but bears a slight resemblance to Sulawesi or Sumatra coffees (except for wet process coffee which is rarely of that origin).

4. Toraja Single Origin With every delicious coffee, there are various variables that make it special: location, variety, processing method, height, and more. Toraja is a mountainous area inhabited by Toraja ethnic groups. Like much of Indonesia, this location is wet and humid. Toraja Single Origin has a high acidity coffee character. Coffee from Sulawesi is no less delicious. With a distinctive taste and aroma, different from other archipelago indonesia specialty coffee. However, this type of coffee does not leave coffee marks on the tongue for a long time.

Indonesia offers a lot of coffee world. This isn’t just ground-wet skinned Robusta suitable for dark roasted meat; like every other coffee origin, there is a unique micro region in it. And when producers work hard to ensure quality production and processing, we can try exceptional and distinctive coffee.

Quality and quality greatly affect the sale value of indonesia specialty coffee, the excess of high grade indonesia specialty coffee is the benchmark for coffee types so that it becomes a material that is widely exported abroad, one of which is from Indonesia. Various types of high-class indonesia specialty coffee can be found in this country.

In determining indonesia specialty coffee bean quality standards, the Indonesian government has set it since 1978 through the Minister of Trade Decree No. 108 / Kp / VII / 78 dated July 1, 1978. For Indonesia, the quality standard used uses a triage system, but from October 1, 1983 until now, Indonesia has used a Defects Value System.

Kinds of Advantages of High Grade Indonesia Coffee

Indonesia is a country that has a good geographical location and soil structure when used for growing indonesia specialty coffee. Coffee plantations are spread across several regions in Indonesia, each of which has different characteristics and uniqueness. Of the many types of  indonesia specialtycoffee in Indonesia that are sold on the market to be exported abroad there are only 2 main varieties, namely Arabica and Robusta indonesia specialty coffee. Both types of coffee have their own uniqueness, here are some kinds of advantages.

1. The Best Types of Indonesia Specialty Coffee

Robusta coffee and Arabica indonesia specialty coffee not only dominate in a region, such as in Indonesia, but also many countries in the world. This is inseparable from the second scientific classification of coffee. Both arabica and robusta are included in the Rubiaceae tribal plant with the genus Coffea.

Of the species and types, Arabica coffee has the scientific name Coffea Arabica and Robusta known as Coffea canephora. Robusta coffee is one of Coffea canephora varieties, namely Coffea canephora var.

2. The Best Planting Process

Able to produce the best coffee flavors, Coffea arabica plants can grow very well at an altitude of 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level. Although in general it can still grow in the lowlands.

However, the results of growth will not be optimal if planted in the lowlands so that the results will be bad, as well as other coffee beans. In obtaining good results, this plant requires rainfall of 1500 to 2500 mm in one year.

Then, the average air temperature used to obtain the best coffee beans is in the range of 15-25 degrees Celsius. Then, in the type of coffea canephora planted at an altitude of 0-900, for the ideal is 400 to 800 above sea level.

Robusta coffee is grown in temperatures of 24 to 30 degrees Celsius with rainfall up to 1500 to 3000 mm in one year. This is what makes Robusta type coffee has high grade quality.

3. Pest Resistant

All types of plants certainly do not escape from pest attacks, as well as the first grade of Robusta coffee. During its development, this type of coffee has a fairly good resistance from pests and diseases.

In addition, in the care and harvest it is also easier, taking the fruit carried out in a modern way, so it will not damage the shape of the fruit. Of course this keeps coffee beans from contamination of substances.

4. Rich Aroma and Taste

This type of Arabica coffee has a more unique aroma and flavor, this is another advantage of the type of Arabica coffee, it tastes sour and the color of steeping is not too thick. So that makes this coffee much developed for export.

Because it has richer aromas and flavors, this type of arabica coffee is also one of the most cultivated coffees with different tastes in each region. Farmers usually make use of many factors, such as weather, soil, climate.

These factors are used by coffee farmers to be able to produce a variety of flavors, it is this advantage that makes Arabica coffee often a product of imports in many countries, including one of them Indonesia.

5. Greater Caffeine Content

Robusta coffee has a large caffeine content, this arises from the bitter taste produced from the coffee. Many researchers consider that the coffee caffeine content is twice as large as the caffeine found in Arabica coffee.

6. Widely Produced in the World

Two types of high grade coffee, namely Arabica and Robusta are the most widely produced types in the world. As much as 70 percent of coffee production in the world is dominated by arabica, while 28 percent for robusta coffee.

The rest is fought over other types of coffee, including liberalization, excelsa and so forth. Indonesia is one of the countries with the biggest and best Robusta coffee producer in the world along with Vietnam.

The brief explanation above is some of the advantages of high grade coffee that is exported abroad by many countries in the world, including one from Indonesia. In addition, there are many more advantages of high-grade coffee from farmers’ crops in Indonesia.

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